Comprehensive overview of the state of the art in alunimium alloy technology


The BONIJM foundation was founded in 1987. It was the initiative of a group of people working for the Material Science Department of the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands.

The aim of this foundation was to support the students with assignments in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy.

Over the years the foundation developed into a source of knowledge for non-ferrous metals and eventually the need arose to share this valuable knowledge with others.

Mission statement

Nowadays, the BONIJM foundation aims to support the non-ferrous industry in improving and maintaining technical awareness and excellence.

To achieve its mission BONIJM will organise workshops, master classes, and lecture courses on the related topics, and furthermore will provide consultants in the relevant areas. When necessary BONIJM will collaborate with professional bodies and organisations.


BONIJM offers consultancy services for all aspects of the non-ferrous metals industry. BONIJM is connected with consultancy companies that have long experience and are specializing in the non-ferrous metals industry.

Consultancy subjects ranging from plant and process design to application, problem solving and applied metallurgical research. BONIJM also has access to laboratory facilities permitting research and metallurgical checking.